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¿What is EntreMundos?

EntreMundos is a Guatemalan nonprofit organization, founded in 2001 to support organizations and groups that are committed to the fight against poverty and the defense and promotion of human rights for the country’s most marginalized and vulnerable populations.

Born in Quetzaltenango (capital of the eponymous department), EntreMundos offers a range of services to strengthen the abilities and competencies of community organizations, promote networking, cooperation, and synergy between them, and raise awareness about their work and the difficulties that they face every day.

We promote and stimulate citizen participation by Guatemalan civil society so that the population, local agents, and grassroots organizations can acquire the knowledge they need to effectively advance the social, civil, cultural, economic, and political progress of their people; and so that they actively participate in direction and decision-making to improve their conditions of living.

EntreMundos firmly believes that it is possible to achieve positive change in Guatemala – principally in the most disadvantaged and vulnerable areas – through programs with a “bottom-up” focus on rural development, based on the needs, expectations, ideas, and initiatives of local populations, so that the communities themselves can fight to defend their civil, social, cultural, political, and economic rights and have a positive impact both at a local level (rural development) and at a national level (political advocacy).


We aim to encourage and strengthen the abilities and competencies of local Guatemalan development organizations – respecting their values, ethics, principles, policies, strategies, and work methodologies – with the objective of transforming them into multiplying agents and key actors for the sustainable development of their areas of operation. We support civil society and community and locally-based organizations through five principal axes of work:

  1. the Capacity Building Program (through certification programs on different subjects and courses in information technology);

  2. the Best Practices in Community Tourism Program;

  3. the Small Grants Program;

  4. the national and international Volunteer Service;

  5. and our bimonthly and bilingual Magazine (in Spanish and English).


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