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The General Assembly is the institution’s highest authority and is made up of active associates.

It meets once a year and additionally when the Board of Directors considers it appropriate, and it is principally responsible for reviewing and approving reports on completed activities, the accounting and financial situation of the organization, strategic plans, work, and budgets; as well as for making necessary and appropriate decisions for the appropriate development of EntreMundos activities, the resolution of problems, and the operation of the Board of Directors.



8 Junta Directiva



The Board of Directors meets quarterly and among its principal tasks are to discuss and establish the general policies and strategies of EntreMundos; oversee the integration of the different members; approve operating, timetable, and budget plans; ensure that administrative and financial duties are carried out appropriately; monitor and evaluate progress, appropriate implementation, and achievement of goals and results of initiatives.

The Board of Directors 2016-2018 is as follows:

  • President and Legal Representative: Glenda Gabriela López Ximin

Treasurer: Thomas Anthony Lingenfelter

Secretary: Emmanuel Yac

Spokesperson: Manuel Rodolfo Sánchez Díaz
9 Equipo Técnico
The Technical Team is comprised of the General Director, the Coordinator and the Assistant of the Capacity Building, Computer Skills and Small Grants Programs, the Coordinators of the Volunteer and Community Tourism Programs, the Magazine Editor, the Editor of the On-line Magazine, and the Financial Administrator. It is required to meet once a month and during said meetings, the staff discuss the activities they have developed, their difficulties and the results they have achieved, the methods of intervention that they have used, the operating plans for the following month, the technical and logistical coordination of their actions, the execution of their activities in order to achieve an effective integration of the different pieces, and the schedule for the use of the organization’s transportation and technical equipment. The Technical Team maintains direct contact with the community organizations that are EntreMundos’ partners, systematizes their problems/needs and offers a tangible contribution to the design of solutions.

The members of the Technical Team (updated in August 2017) are the following:

10 Fabio Carbone


Fabio has a specialization in “Local Management and Development” from the Unión Iberoamericana de Municipalistas of Granada (Spain) and has more than 12 years of experience in International Cooperation: he worked with CARITAS in Ecuador in 2004/2005, as a representative of the Italian NGO CISV in West Africa from 2006 to 2008, and in Guatemala from 2008 to 2013, where he coordinated various projects financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Piemonte Region of Italy, and the Episcopal Conference.

Fabio is an expert in the study, elaboration, execution, logistics, monitoring, and evaluation of Development Projects, with an emphasis on Decentralized Cooperation and Rural Development/Community Strengthening. He began working with EntreMundos in January of 2014 as the Coordinator of the Capacity Building, Computer Skills, and Small Grants Programs, and took the position of Director a year later in January 2015.
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Yessica Pastor


YESSICA PASTOR - Capacity Building, Computer Skills and Small Grants Programs Coordinator

Yessica has a degree in Local Environmental Management, from San Carlos University of Guatemala and has completed Regional Development studies at the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO).

She has experience working on tourism field in Tikal and Flores, Petén and has worked for several years as a Spanish teacher in different schools in Quetzaltenango. Since 2014, she has collaborated with different NGOs, supporting them with research, reports, monitoring and processes evaluation.

She is currently working with EntreMundos in the Capacity Building and Small Grant Program Coordinator position. Yessica joined the EntreMundos team in 2012.​
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Monserrat López
MONSERRAT LÓPEZ - Capacity Building, Computer Skills and Small Grants Programs Assistant
Monserrat studied the career of Accountant with Computer Orientation and also has participated in different courses and conferences on local economic development with social focus.

She is currently studying Business Administration at Rafael Landívar University located in Quetzaltenango.

She joined as a member of EntreMundos technical team in 2016, carrying out a supervised practice.

Since 2017 she has been collaborating internally with the institution as an assistant to all community strengthening initiatives.


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SIMONA ROVELLI - Webinars, on-line platforms and virtual workshops Expert11 Simona Rovelli

Simona has a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Turín, Italy (2002), a specialization in micro-finances from Boulder Institute of Microfinance, USA (2005), and postgraduate studies in Sustainable Development from the SOAS University of London, G.B. (2012).

She worked in Ecuador with a micro-finance institution and later in Burkina Faso (West Africa) as the Coordinator of Rural Development projects and micro-finance for the Italian NGO CISV, until 2008.

She subsequently moved to Quetzaltenango, where she worked as a consultant for local NGOs and since 2011 as a professor in the Political Science and International Relations department of Rafael Landívar University. In January 2015 she joined the EntreMundos team as the Coordinator of its Community Capacity Building initiatives and currently she collaborates with the institution as a consultant, expert in training cycles through virtual platforms.

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13 Patricia Rabanales

PATRICIA RABINALES - Community Tourism Program Coordinator

Patricia graduated from the Rafael Landívar University of Quetzaltenango in 2010 with a degree in Business Management, with a specialization in tourism. She has overseen studies in areas such as local economic development, management strategies for Municipal Tourism, and the creation of tourism projects.

She worked with the management and development program of the Municipal Women’s Office of Quetzaltenango and has offered capacity building services on topics such as local economic development, community tourism, gender, environment, and youth.

Today she's the Regional Delegate of the Product Development Division of INGUAT - Guatemalan Tourism Institute -. She joined EntreMundos as a workshop facilitator in 2012 and became a part-time member of the team in 2013.

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Lila Icks


LILA ICKS - Volunteer Program Coordinator 

Lila holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Political Science. She graduated from the University Rafael Landívar and in her own words she describes: “Our globalized world needs people and countries committed to prosperity, where solidarity between nations gives life to International Relations”.

Lila is passionate about topics that promote social awareness: she has done extensive research on International Cooperation, sustainable development and citizen participation.

She believes in generating change and positive impact from the bottom up, which supports the thinking of Christie (1996): “Think global, act locally; the locality is the real environment of most people”.

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15 Francisco Cojulun

FRANCISCO COJULUN - Guide for Volunteer Groups

Francisco was born and raised in Quetzaltenango. He joined EntreMundos in March, 2013 as the Coordinator and Guide for the community service program of the University of Alberta, Canada.

Since then he has worked with the James Madison, Bridgewater, and Drexel Universities (USA) and the Universities of Alberta and Ottawa (Canada) on a large number of projects that range from reforestation and school projects to the improvement of infrastructure and the management of cultural activities.

He also works at a local Spanish school, where he coordinates online classes and many of the extracurricular activities that take place across the western highlands of Guatemala.

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Diana Pastor

DIANA PASTOR - Magazine Editor

Diana has a bachelor’s degree in Rural social work from San Carlos University of Guatemala; she also studied Communication, social work and community leadership at California State University of Monterey Bay, United States. In addition, she also has a diploma as a Spanish Professor and is fluent in English.

She has worked with many organizations on projects with children, women and indigenous peoples in different areas of Guatemala. For several years, Diana worked for a local magazine as a photographer and writer. She has been a contributor for the Social Work Research Department of the San Carlos University in Quetzaltenango, and has obtained prizes from local and international literary competitions.

She is currently the Editor and designer at "EntreMundos" Magazine. Diana joined the team in April 2017.
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17 Richard Brown


RICHARD BROWN - On-line Magazine Editor

Richard has worked with EntreMundos since October, 2013.

He gathers stories and articles from grassroots groups, academic experts, and public figures to cover issues like climate change, food security, and labor relations in Guatemala and internationally. He recruits and supports Guatemalan and foreign writers to publish original journalism and promote intercultural dialogue and equitable and sustainable development.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Columbia University in New York.
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18 Patricia Macías


PATRICIA MACÍAS - Editor and Journalist

Patricia began working with the EntreMundos Magazine in October, 2013.

She has a degree in Journalism from Universidad Complutense in Madrid and has worked in international cooperation and communication in Spain, England, and Guatemala.

With the EntreMundos Magazine, Patricia writes, translates, edits photography and video and manages social media.


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Fernando López


FERNANDO LÓPEZ - Accounting Administrator

Fernando holds a Diploma in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and has been working for 6 years at El Quetzal Spanish School. At the same time he has been working in the tourism sector in Quetzaltenango, by leading guided tours of the city and nearby tourist attractions.

Recently he has attended several Marketing and Advertising courses and seminars such as "Service Best". He is currently studying Architecture at San Carlos University of Guatemala. 

He has been working within the Financial and Administration Team at Entre Mundos since 2016.

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