In August 2007, EntreMundos received a donation of 10 computers from an Oregon-based non-profit, Partners in Solidarity. These 10 computers marked the start of the realisation of our IT Resources and Training Centre. Through this Centre, EntreMundos has been able to provide development organisations with a series of IT Skills Training Courses on various computer programmes, covering users with all levels of ability: from those who have never used a computer before to those who are already competent computer users and require more specific training.



The aim of our IT Skills Training Programme is to build the IT abilities of staff members of development organisations so that they are able to use information technology to improve the management of their organisations and programmes in order to achieve their own development objectives. In particular, we aim to further develop organisations´ communication and administrative skills, enhance their online visibility and improve their abilities to seek out and secure funding.



In 2012, thanks to the generous support of our partners the Planet Wheeler Foundation we were able to buy 10 brand new computers, marking an important next step for this vital programme. With these new computers we will be able to enhance the variety of the courses that we offer, as they have the capacity to run many more programmes than our previous computers. As a result, we aim to offer courses in areas such as website design and maintenance, online fundraising and the use of project planning and accounting software.

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