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37 Programa de Subvenciones para Pequeños ProyectosThe Small Grants initiative works to fortifying the abilities of grassroots organizations in Guatemala, empowering them and supporting them so they can improve social, economic, environmental, and human rights development in the country’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable communities over the long term. It is an initiative financed by our donors from Australia (Planet Wheeler Foundation: and USA (Go Philanthropic Foundation: www.gophilanthropic.organd provides economic support and technical advice to local organizations that work in the field of rural development and the defense and promotion of human rights, so that they can to implement their important community projects.

Each year in January, EntreMundos launches an open invitation that lists the directives and guidelines that a grassroots organization must respect in order to present its application.

In February, the technical staff of EntreMundos and its Board of Directors choose the best projects, taking into account the following criteria for eligibility:

38 Programa de Subvenciones para Pequeños Proyectos

Characteristics such as the number of beneficiaries of the project, the degree of need, community impact, and a realistic and balanced budget are key factors that are taken strongly into account when choosing between proposals.

After reaching a final decision about the approved proposals, in the first week of March the selected organizations are called to a meeting in the EntreMundos facilities, to complete the process and sign the Collaboration Contract, in the presence of our institution’s lawyer and notary. Said contract specifies the total amount that is awarded to each of the organizations, the deadlines for completing respective actions, as well as the legal conditions to which both parties agree when they sign. Additionally, a date is established for EntreMundos staff to visit all of the approved projects, monitor the technical and financial progress of the activities, and maintain a direct dialogue with all of the actors involved (responsible institution, technical staff in charge of execution, direct and indirect beneficiaries, among others).

The applications for funding vary by field: health and hygiene, projects in production and farming; sustainable agriculture; education; special education for the disabled; training for youth and women; defense of human rights and of indigenous peoples; sexual education; culture; malnutrition; water and environment; sources of renewable energy; community tourism; institutional strengthening; community development; and others.
To date, EntreMundos has received 682 proposals, benefiting 139 community organizations and visiting almost all of the projects, to ensure the correct implementation of the planned activities and the impact of the initiatives supported.


For more information about our Small Grants initiative: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.