Paradise on earth


La Puerta del Cielo and La Reserva Natural El Vergel are two community tourism projects that are driven so that its visitors live an unforgettable experience. These are two magical places that we describe below.

We have the Ecotouristic route La Puerta del Cielo which is promoted by the Association of Forest Peasants Buena Vista (ADECAF), an association founded in 1997. Currently it offers services that promote the social, productive and sustainable development of the communities of the municipalities of Todos Santos, Cuchumatán, Huehuetenango. This department is 264 kilometers from the capital city.

In recent months, the infrastructure of the project has been improved with the implementation of new catering and accommodation services. As part of the new attractions a viewpoint is built that allows you to enjoy the beautiful landscapes that are painted in the sky and the horizon.

In addition, a recent hosting service has been launched for groups of university students and visitors to organizations who want to get to know the place and take a tour to learn about community forestry. With the implementation of the project, the development of communities is sought through the generation of economic resources and the impulse of sustainable tourism, where the tourist invests in communities and can leave a contribution to continue with the care and protection of the endemic natural resources of the area.

Conscious tourism in the Cuchumatanes region not only generates economic incomes for the municipalities but also contributes to their conservation. All efforts come together to continue to improve, which is why at ENTREMUNDOS we continue to bet on the training of leaders so that they know and implement tools that strengthen their projects, just as the Ecoturistic route La Puerta del Cielo does.

To continue to know this must-see tourist destination, you can visit the Facebook page: ADECAF, the website: www.adecaf.org, write to the mail: asociacionadecafv@gmail.com or call the phone: 502 31952471.

Contact with nature

The Natural Reserve El Vergel, located on the kilometer 271.50 road from San Marcos to San Rafael Píe de la Cuesta, is an organic coffee production unit acquired by FECCEG since 2014 where training and experimentation activities in organic agriculture are carried out.
From December 15, 2023, the Natural Reserve El Vergel has opened its doors as a center of nature tourism and adventure to all the domestic and foreign people who want to visit it.

Entrance is Q25 per person, which gives access to the trails and two waterfalls. In addition, the coffee tour can be rented for a price of Q125 per person and access to an obstacle track for a cost of Q60.
To better enjoy the stay, accommodation is offered in 6 cottages built with natural materials. The cost of accommodation is Q240 per person, including breakfast. If you are looking for something cheaper, camping service is also available. If the visitor has his own camping equipment, the cost is Q75 per person, but if the visitor does not have this equipment, El Vergel also offers the rent of shops and sleeping bags for an additional cost.

In this reserve you can appreciate the climate characteristic of a wet forest by the frondosity of the vegetation, abundance of water in its two houses, diversity of birds in which stand at least 9 species of colibries, colorful butterflies and insects, as well as mammals and amphibians native to the region. The height of the site ranges from 1,250 to 1,650 meters above sea level with unique characteristics for the production of the best coffee in Guatemala.

To delight the taste and taste The Vergel has a varied menu of food, desserts and the specialty coffee from the Kishé Coffe Shop. Food and beverage prices are competitive and you can plan a family stay, with friends or a working group, where you can hold your executive events in our meeting room with a capacity of 30 people.

In the medium term, El Vergel hopes to surprise you with the services of massages, SPA and temascal, so that surrounded by nature, you relax and strengthen the forces you need for your daily activities.

Communication by phone or WhatsApp: +502 4894 6592. Facebook: Natural Reserve El Vergel; Instagram: @reservaelvergel; www.reservaelvergel.com.