About EM

The EntreMundos Magazine has been published since 2001 to raise awareness in both Guatemalan and foreign communities on social issues relevant to Guatemala and Central America. It provides a space for independent journalists and writers, as well as for activist, development, and human rights organizations to raise their voices and share their stories. It is published by the Guatemalan NGO EntreMundos.
The website has an editorial focus on grassroots action, human rights defense, environmental protection, and marginalized communities in Guatemala.
The website, officially launched in March, 2016, is all-volunteer. It is moderated by volunteers Richard Brown and Patricia Macías, as well as for the magazine editor, Diana Pastor, and all of the website’s contributors submit content free of charge. The team believes that independent media and a diversity of voices are absolutely essential to creating the equitable, sustainable global society that we seek but that remains far off.
We also believe that this moment in history is full of opportunity. A rural community initiative shared through independent and social media can become an inspiration and a model for communities all over the world. Small protests can grow and grow until they shake the very highest levels of power, as Guatemala showed in 2015 and former President Otto Pérez Molina understands from behind bars.
We believe that learning from each other, anything is possible.
We encourage readers interested in collaborating to contact us at revista@entremundos.org. We are always looking for new voices, photos, and videos.