Community development and tourism



In Guatemala you can enjoy unforgettable experiences on every tour you take in the country; since this is one of the countries with the greatest attractions in Central America. As an example, we present two successful community tourism projects; ADAFIS and ASODIL.

We begin the tour in the upper part of the country, in the community of Unión Reforma located at the main entrance of the municipality of Sibinal, in the department of San Marcos. The place is surrounded by forest that houses a unique biodiversity, where you can see the bird known as the Pavo de Cacho. In addition, you can have scenic views of the two tallest giants in Central America; the Tajumulco volcano and the Tacaná volcano.

The site offers unique experiences of rural community tourism, organic vegetable production, flower production, sustainable beekeeping and sustainable use of mountain forest resources. The community project has a viewpoint at the entrance to the community that allows you to contemplate the sunsets and sunrises of the Tajumulco and Tacaná volcanoes. This is spectacular!

For a better experience and better care, the trails for the Pavo de Cacho watching are also being improved. It is a species that is unique in the region. Pavo de Cacho watching in Unión Reforma is ranked nationally as one of the most important destinations for bird watching on the bird tourism route.

Starting this November, the cafeteria will open to serve visitors, who are mostly from the United States, Canada and Europe.

The project seeks to strengthen the local economy of the community’s families, who offer different guiding, food, honey, flower and vegetable production services.

We improve our services to provide a warm welcome and fulfill what was promised, having a unique and unmatched experience. We have more information on our Facebook page, which thanks to ENTREMUNDOS has been strengthened in terms of good practices for the promotion of social networks. Come and plan your trip, you can contact us by phone : 502 33281397 and 502 57838197 or by email:, it will be a trip like no other. We will wait for you!

Water and forests

If you like to feel the breeze, this place is special to enjoy. ASODILL is an organization in the Loma Linda village that has been characterized by contributing to the development of this community for several years. Their biodiversity conservation work has served to maintain the aquifers that supply water to the community, as well as the maintenance of watersheds that benefit different communities in the southern and Pacific parts of Guatemala.

Likewise, ASODILL strengthens the conservation of flora and fauna by contributing to biological connectivity. The promotion of community tourism seeks to consolidate a model for the conservation of biodiversity as well as carry out tourism activities in a sustainable way.

ASODILL has a training room that can be used as a Field School for training on conservation, environment and tourism issues. It also has food services, lodging and tours of the different attractions.

ASODILL works four established routes:

1) Bird-watching route

2) Route of pools and waterfalls

3) Areas for extreme sports; canopy, swing and extreme bridge.

4) Forest connectivity route from Loma Linda to Chicabal volcano lagoon.

Our destination is a direct connection with nature. In addition to the unforgettable experience, we also have a commitment to society. With ENTREMUNDOS, training processes for the provision of services are strengthened, which translates into greater income and employment in the community.

To learn more you can find us on the social networks of Facebook and Tik Tok as: Senderos Naturales Loma Linda, Instagram as: Senderos Naturales Loma Linda Gt. You can contact us through WhatsApp 502 56223393/ 502 47649476, or by email, Visit us any season of the year.