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Successful tourism projects


In previous editions, we took a tour of different corners of Guatemala through a series of reports about six community tourism projects. Nonetheless, these places continue to increase their offerings with innovations, improved infrastructure and services to provide better care. For this reason, starting with this edition, we will present two of these ventures to continue getting to know. This time, we will talk about CoAtitlán and IMAP.

From the Fields to the Cup

Along the coffee tour from the CoAtitlán project, which is located in Santiago Atitlán, Sololá, one can appreciate a garden of different coffee varieties, a tasting laboratory, and above all, live a unique, interactive, and educational experience. Upon finishing the tour, the garden leads to the shores of Atitlán Lake, where there is an impressive view of the San Pedro volcano.

In CoAtitlán, one can appreciate various steps in the coffee-making process, from the action of wet-coffee processing (which consists of removing the pulp or shell and other plant material substances using a pulper and water) to the enjoyment of tasting a cup of coffee. Their strong point is transforming coffee beans into a high-quality product for the consumer. This is the plus that CoAtitlán offers to its demanding visitors: a unique experience.

For this reason, in CoAtitlán improvements are being made to the infrastructure of the cafeteria, since in the last four months members estimate that the number of North American and European tourists has increased. They consider it important to make these improvements to their facilities to provide better service, innovate the coffee tour, and continue increasing the number of visitors. With this, they will continue supporting the small-scale producers from whom they buy coffee beans at a fair trade price.

During the coffee tour, visitors can enjoy a trip to see the coffee crop, the entire process of wet-coffee processing, and even the preparation and tasting of a cup of coffee. Every visit is a magnificent experience that invites you to repeat it.
With the support of ENTREMUNDOS, CoAtitlán has managed to have an interpretative script for their coffee tour. Below, we will share their contact information for those who would like to enjoy a good cup of coffee.
Phone number: 7721-7389, Whatsapp: 5000-5342, e-mail: and social media: Coatitlan R.L. / Café_Coatitlan.

The Bird Sanctuar

We continue in Sololá, this time next to San Lucas Tolimán. The Mesoamerican Institute of Permaculture (IMAP, por sus siglos en español) is another successful project that we cannot stop visiting. The bird sanctuary is an area dedicated to the conservation of the habitats of different flora and fauna species, especially that of birds like the Slender hummingbird, a bird that can be observed only in this place and is a major attraction for bird watchers.

The sanctuary has two creatively designed observation points, both offering unique panoramic views for memorable photo opportunities. The space also has four trails, rest areas, a dock for aquatic access, and a green area with local plants, in which edible, aromatic, ornamental plants can be found, along with plants that feed the birds.

Currently, IMAP is making improvements to the area, such as reforestation along the trails, repairs to the dock to improve aquatic access, and the restoration of the trails with eco-friendly materials. The green area acts as a tranquil refuge in the middle of bustling urban life, a space that combines the harmony of nature with modern functionality. The area is ideal for a fascinating encounter in which visitors can submerge themselves in the majestic landscape and the ephemeral beauty of the captivating birds.

The region is known for its wide diversity of migratory birds and a unique ecosystem that attracts both foreign and local bird fans from researchers to ornithologists eager to explore the area and its bird species.

This project contributes to sustainable eco-tourism, as well as promotes local employment, culture, environmental education, and sustainable development. The restoration of the ecosystem in the bird sanctuary aims to regenerate a small geographic space for the wildlife of the Pachitulul community as a fundamental strategy to preserve and conserve the biodiversity of birds and other species in diverse ecosystems.

The training and courses that IMAP has received from ENTREMUNDOS has contributed positively to the improvement of the team’s skills.

To find out more, use the following contact information to get in touch: +502-45490578, web page:, Instagram: @imapguatemala, Facebook: @imapermacultura, and email:

Both projects– CoAtitlán and IMAP– seek to generate economic benefits for the community