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Tourism at a high altitude

The Cuchumatanes mountain range is one of the most imposing in all of Central America. On this route is the village of Chichim, at 3,500 meters above sea level, in the community of Buena Vista, municipality of Todos Santos, Huehuetenango. This place is magical, it’s like walking among the clouds; it’s the closest you can get to heaven!

If you have not had the opportunity to walk through a fir cloud forest, in this adventure you can get to know and enjoy nature. Through the Asociación de Campesinos Forestales Buena Vista (ADECAF), they promote actions that favor the conservation of natural resources and the development of community tourism in the region. 

Its main objective is to promote and encourage the sustainable management of renewable natural resources to strengthen the organization, with the management and implementation of productive environmental projects to increase the economic income of members and users through transparent and functional management and administration. It is made up of 215 associates, 88 of whom are women. Its population belongs to the Mam ethnic group.

ADECAF has a forested area of Guatemala firs (Abies guatemalensis), an endangered species, complemented by species of Juniperus Standleyi and pine. The Sierra is biologically rich and endemic. The combination of altitude, climate and humidity favor the development and conservation of these coniferous forests.

They dedicate their efforts to strengthening the organizational structure, promoting the implementation and sustainability of productive and social projects, sustainable management and conservation of natural resources, and growth of the loan portfolio. In addition to sheep production and training members in soil conservation.

Chimhim is a community of approximately 45 families dedicated especially to potato and vegetable production. 

Unique and natural wealth 

This is an area full of scenic, scenic and geological wealth, ideal for bird watching, enjoyment and appreciation of nature.

For this reason, a space is being built in the area to offer food and lodging services, with the intention of improving tourist services, and that in the future it will be a place that will allow the operation of tourist routes and circuits in the area.

With the existence of a humid cloud forest of firs with splendid views and landscapes, the presence of ancient sedimentary rocks, and the cultural identification; language, typical clothing and gastronomy, this community is an ideal place to carry out community tourism activities offering the visitor a unique experience to visit the place.

Community tourism in the Cuchumatanes mountain range is an alternative for the conservation of natural resources, 255 kilometers from the capital of Guatemala, you can enjoy each stop to learn more. 

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