The flap of a butterfly or the Rebel Spring

By Lucia Escobar

Something changed in the Guatemalan people in these historical days full of beautiful acts of public defiance. As the powerful flapping of a butterfly, the effect has surprised each one of us. It’s been a chain of miracles which origins are lost among the anonymity of the small and invisible daily actions of the righteous.

I am going to start this recount with Claudia, the judge who publicly renounced her magistracy because not doing so meant validating an evil system that put in severe danger the country´s independence and her vocation essence. Her honorable gesture showed up the appropriation of the courts by the system’s mafias and turned on the public indignation.

We can also mention Fausto, the seminarian who challenged a political meeting of “Líder” with a cardboard and the conviction of his right to speak. That dignity spread to a group of young antigüeños who made Baldizón to retract his presentation in the square of that colonial city. There were no bodyguards, bulletproof vest or helicopters able to protect him (Baldizón) from the ideas and citizen outcry expressed in one sentence: #NoTeToca “#ItIsNotYourTurn”

In San Lucas Toliman, María was not able to bear the hypocrisy of the usual thieves and pulled up the middle finger to a shameless former president whom after being imprisoned for robbery, still dares to dream of a public position.

People of all ages were organized to re draw, re coloring and re mean the billboards from the street posts and stones across the country.

In Quiché, a humble lady yelled “genocida” to the president with all her strengths, with the pain inside her accumulated throughout the years.

Sitting in the comfort of their home, hundreds of Guatemalans spread the indignation feeling through social networks, shared information and encouraged others to stand up demanding for their rights.

Children who had never been at the central square of the country were screaming with their family against years of silence and submission.

Young students from private universities received with applauses and hugs to their fellows from the only public university in the country in a historic march.

A graffiti artist revealed the true face of the dinosaur, devil or candidate who smiles blankly from the billboards.

Miguel, a judge, gives a lesson of integrity processing and sending to prison the former vice president.

Two women are on hunger strike, thousands of Guatemalans accompany them.

A deputy took her job seriously and slept inside the Congress to push a preliminary hearing.

Hundreds of citizens across the country expressed their thoughts in the squares and streets of their communities. Spontaneously others collect remaining garbage originated from protests and give away pure water, even to the police.

In the meantime, we understood the use of the hashtag and its ability to gather us in a demand. From #RenunciaYa, (#GiveUpNow), #JusticiaYa (#justiceNow”), #EnEstasCondicionesNoQueremosElecciones (“NoElectionsInTheseConditions) and #YoNoTengoPresidente (#IDoNotHaveAPresident) to the most beautiful of all, because it really doesn´t matter the election results when we know that #EstoApenasEmpieza (#ThisIsJustBeginning)