Hello, nice to meet you!

My name is María José Longo Bautista. Starting in May I will be coordinating EntreMundos Magazine, which is a reason or maybe an excuse for you to get to know me, so I think it’s only appropriate that I introduce myself to the readers’ community. I enjoy eating chocolates, reading, writing, laughing and hiking. As I write this letter I am nervous, excited and happy to be the newest member of the EntreMundos team. I remember the times that I read the magazine, that I held it in my hands without imagining that one day I would accompany its production process. 

As a journalist, I have traveled through several communities. I have cried and felt outrage as I have seen poverty, injustice, racism and inequality up close. I have sighed and smiled with renewed hope as I have witnessed stories of resilience, struggle, overcoming and resistance. I understand the diversity, intersectionality and existence of the different Guatemalas; as well as the need to investigate, audit, deepen, and tell stories and data. The path I have taken identifies me with the purposes of the magazine and the editorial focus: human rights, grassroots organizations, environmental protection and marginalized communities in Guatemala, among other topics.

I consider that beginnings are challenging and emotional, being in front of a new goal reminds me of previous ones: the first time I blushed when I was in front of the camera as a correspondent of Guatevisión, when I opened the newspaper Prensa Libre because they published my first article, or the moment when my eyes got wet to see my work published in digital media such as: Plaza Pública, Ojoconmipisto, Agencia Ocote. The nerves for the first day working at Stereo100, Emisoras Unidas Xela, and radio TGD. I could not forget the days of March 2013, when my story began in the local newspaper El Quetzalteco.  

I like adventures, listening, observing and learning. I am sure that at EntreMundos I will gain new knowledge and develop other skills.  I am also convinced that journalism and social communication are tools that can promote and provoke social transformation. I believe in service through my profession and I will dedicate love, time and effort to the work that EntreMundos has been doing for 20 years.

I am grateful to those who contribute to the magazine on a voluntary and selfless basis. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of a group that brings communities together and helps to highlight their strengths, that exposes vulnerable populations and tells stories of solutions. Recently, when I met the EntreMundos team, mostly women, they accepted me with solidarity and kindness. The days I have shared working with them have been pleasant and of professional and personal growth. I am happy for this new opportunity in my life, I am a very fortunate journalist. 

It is an honor to take over from Diana Pastor, coordinator of the communications program and editor of the magazine, who has unselfishly and patiently shared with me her knowledge, advice and experiences in order to travel the new path. Diana has been the magazine’s leader for five years. She passed on to me her commitment and affection for writing quality texts for the readers, to whom I apologize for the mistakes I will make, like anyone else. For this reason, and with the desire to improve, I remind you that you can write your suggestions or comments to the following e-mail address revistaentremundos@gmail.com

I end with this sentence written by Albert Camus: 

“In the middle of winter, I discovered that there was, inside me, an invincible summer”.

See you in the next issue of EntreMundos Magazine!