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See you soon!

Observing the variety of framed EntreMundos cover pages hung on the walls of our organization’s headquarters makes me feel nostalgic and at the same time satisfied.  Those title pages represent five years of work during which I’ve had the honor, the pleasure and the luck of having lead this publication.  This is my final edition as editor and coordinator of the EntreMundos’ communication program.  And so, I am taking the liberty of writing you a few words.


How can I begin to relate how much this time at EntreMundos has meant to me?  Perhaps by going back in time before I became the editor when, ten years ago, I contributed my first article.  I remember how proud I felt seeing my writing in print (I’m smiling as I write this) because I had no idea that five years after that experience I would become a part of the EntreMundos family.

The production of the first editions was an adventure!  Not only because they were my first experiences in communication arts, but because from the beginning the work allowed me to develop my creativity and to have the freedom to choose a theme for each of the 30 editions I edited.  Certainly, each one of these would not have been possible without the support of writers, photographers, caricature artists, translators and other volunteers, plus EntreMundos’ infrastructure, always available to produce each volume.

The edition commemorating 100 issues of EntreMundos allowed us to organize workshops in the community which were a complete success.  One of my favorites was “How Is Poetry Written?” — which evolved into a very emotional space during which many of us attendees let our tears flow.  And I remember a movie forum dealing with United Fruit Company’s presence in Guatemala which drew a large audience and where the post-showing dialogue was civil and rich.

We had high hopes while preparing for the edition dealing with violence against women when we organized a competition for survivors with personal stories.  And we were able to reward the women who shared their stories for their courage.  Similarly, we put together a recent edition for the journal’s 20th anniversary and received letters from our readers confirming that our work is important which motivated us to forge forward.

Occasionally as I would walk from one place to another distributing copies of the magazine I was surprised by, and grateful, that some people recognized the EntreMundos cover page and would request I give them a few extra copies.  Besides the fond memories, there were also difficult moments.  Our organization was seriously affected by the arrival of the pandemic because printing the journal depends for the most part on local businesses that advertise in the publication, guests (Spanish school students, travelers and tourists) who rent our accommodations and our other activities–all suspended.

In the last few years we have had to work very hard to continue publishing the print edition because the transition to digital format is rapidly moving forward.  And though it reaches more readers, it’s important to keep in mind that in Guatemala not everyone has access to technology.  And that’s the reason I want to thank all those who extended a helping hand to us during the most difficult of times.   I will never forget a single name of those who helped with their individual donations towards printing costs  Nor will I forget those who donated their time and work in support of the magazine’s activities.

During these last years the periodical has evolved into a communication program by adding it to our website and our podcasts (all created by volunteers).  I am pleased to have encountered the path leading to allies of the work we do and for having made friendships along the way.  I am grateful for my team for having shared these years of effort and work together–and for their affection.  I am in the debt of EntreMundos for having been my home during these five years, for being an important part of my professional and personal development, but above all, for the strength it provides in support of community and organizations dedicated to the development of Guatemala.

It is not easy to leave the places where one has been happy, and so, I hope to continue contributing to EntreMundos’ publication from behind the scenes.

Thank you for everything!