Association for Creativity and Development in Guatemala (ACD)

Association for Creativity and Development in Guatemala is a not-for-profit organization based on Christian values which are part of life in Western Guatemala.  It’s mission is to work in areas of conflict, in support of children and adolescents in vulnerable conditions, gang violence, crime and the risk of migration.

Its programs have been designed in accordance with the needs of the  community, so our activities are centered on crime prevention and stopping at-risk youth, particularly minors, from migration.  We accomplish this through a transformative education accessible to ordinary people and by promoting play and recreation space and developing a culture of peace—all in an integrated manner.

The organization was founded in Quetzaltenango because this province has been (especially in marginal areas and for a number of years)  the place where gang members, organized crime and human traffickers have based themselves.  Currently, members of these groups are active in various areas of the seat of government of this province/department, predominantly in Zones 2, 5, 7, and 10, the neighborhoods which have the highest rates of conflict.

The presence of these groups not only represents a home base, i.e. their “hood”; but also increases criminal activity, violence and vulnerability to children who are invited, usually obligated to involve themselves. These “street kids”,  with no direction/purpose, without guidance and without safe recreational areas, are continuously confronted with a highly risky situation.

Based on its awareness of these conditions, ACD has opened a center at First Avenue, # 1-50 in Zone 10, Pacaja Bajo, Quetzaltenango, attending to these at-risk children in order to prevent crime, minor children’s involvement in gangs and migration to the United States.  ACD has been offering this new approach and policy since 2015.

One of the organization’s programs provides education utilizing methods designed with the community in mind.   It focuses on learning life skills, spiritual development and teaching a love for Christ through spiritual transformation.

In ACD children and young people also learn from recreation. Photo: ACD Guatemala

And recreation makes up a part of ACD’s activity, through sports like soccer and others, during which the children are introduced to the importance of having goals, being disciplined, making commitments, which besides being fun, are a social benefit that brings the community together.

There is also a school for parents which works arduously to involve mothers and fathers in an exchange of  good practices in education and information that facilitates good communication skills with a focus on the family’s development.  Additionally, through discussion groups attention is given to health topics, assistance with primary care and promoting prevention of diseases through discussion groups providing tips about prevention.

In order to accomplish all these previously mentioned activities, ACD works with different national and international institutions to promote volunteerism and to fill volunteer positions according to the volunteers’ skills and by looking at the organization’s needs, mission and activities.

There are many ways to get involved with this organization; such as working as a volunteer or intern, making a donation towards the organization’s functions, praying for the organization’s mission, and doing consciousness-raising about what the organization does in the Quetzaltenango community.

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Support the prevention of crime and discourage taking the risks of migration!

ACD’s main entrance in Quetzaltenango. Cover Photo: ACD Guatemal