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EntreMundos is now in audio! On the year of our 20th anniversary, we launch our podcast project

Working for the past 20 years on this magazine, we’ve realized that time generates inevitable changes.  On occasion, these changes have allowed us to re-invent ourselves and improve our work, but they have also brought us difficulties to continue as an independent media source in a world that generally consumes traditional mass media.  This is why, to keep evolving – and together with the continuation of the magazine –  we recently launched our podcast project, which will address social issues through audio.  

For those who are not yet familiar with the term podcast, we want to tell you that it’s something similar to a radio program, although specifically it has pre-recorded audio and is distributed online.  This content is available for playback and sometimes download by those who want it, whenever they want.  In our podcasts, you will be able to hear interviews, narration, testimonials and other content that we hope will inform, educate and entertain you.

One of the great advantages of podcasts is that you can listen to content while you do other activities.  Sometimes our fast-paced and demanding routine leaves us with less time to dedicate to learning, so our podcast will be excellent to listen to in the car or on the bus, during meals, or when doing daily chores.  You can even listen while doing exercises or walking the dog!

Although generally podcasts are directed toward active listeners, eager to explore new forms of communication, this project is also open to those who are accustomed to listening to the radio as a primary means of consuming information.  That’s why we ask that if you listen to our podcasts, you share them with your parents, grandparents and all those that don’t have access or are not used to listening to audio on the internet.  Our programs may be shared and downloaded freely.

In addition to addressing some of the issues presented in the magazine articles, we include additional subjects in the podcasts, so that reading the magazine and listening to our podcast is a complementary but at the same time unique experience. This project is created by the EntreMundos team and the valuable support of our volunteer Jason Klarl, who is host and producer of the podcast and who has spent the last few years in Xela.

We want to take advantage of this channel to make visible the struggles and efforts of many people and organizations that, along with EntreMundos, work to achieve a positive change in society.  So we encourage all those people and collectives committed to making efforts for their community, to listen and participate in this new project.  At EntreMundos we believe that together, little by little, we can build an organized, connected and strengthened society.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, this year we reach 20 years of working as advocates for community organizations.  In the coming months, we will be hosting other anniversary celebration activities, so we invite you to keep an eye on our social media and web page to find out about ways to join and celebrate with us, and accompany us in this struggle for the defense of human rights and the promotion of development.

Jason tells us a bit how this project came up

¡Thanks to Jason Klarl who makes possible this new project!

I was delighted by the idea of podcasting long before I finally produced my own first and personal project in 2016. To me it was an exciting new artform with enormous possibilities.  It offered many of the benefits of a traditional community radio station along with the expanded reach of the internet.  Since I began making my own podcast I’ve found it to be an indispensable learning and teaching tool.  For me, personally, it was a way to explore a part of the world which I believe was (and continues to be) misunderstood by many.  And as education in traditional classrooms throughout the world has been interrupted by the covid-19 pandemic, I hope it will be used to fill some of those gaps.  

When I came to Quetzaltenango in 2017 I found another very useful tool: EntreMundos magazine.  It was such an invaluable aid to me as a student of Spanish since the articles are in both languages. Since that time I began volunteering with EntreMundos and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Now, as EntreMundos will celebrate 20 years of service to Guatemala I’m honored to be part of this new audio project.  I hope it will be a great value, and I would like to invite everyone not only to listen and share the program, but also to participate!