What’s in the 5th Edition of Radio EntreMundos | Celebrating 20 Years of Community Service:

On the occasion of our 20th Anniversary, EntreMundos will be presenting its team, who contribute  their time, talent and heart to advance human rights and development in Guatemala.  In this 5th edition of Radio EntreMundos you’ll hear reflections from both our current staff members and volunteers.  Also, in observance of World Health Day, we went out again to the streets of Quetzaltenango to ask people what they’ve done to alleviate the mental and emotional effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.  And we interview three young women who are participating with Maia, an organization working to empower indigenous youth in Guatemala.  

We’re all very proud to have served so many organizations and communities in Guatemala over the years and would like to extend a warm thank you to all our readers and listeners!

Mental Health in the Age of Covid-19

By now we are all too familiar with the physical effects of the coronavirus, and what measures to take to avoid the risk of infection.  However, there hasn’t been enough discussion about the effects the pandemic has brought: mental and emotional consequences, which are very important to address.  

Listen to our segment by two of our associates in the current edition of Radio EntreMundos to find out what kinds of things people are doing to feel better as we “weather the storm” of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our Valued Volunteers

Over these 20 years of service to Guatemala, EntreMundos has counted on the enormous support from volunteers all around the world.  Without them it would not have been possible to achieve what we have.  To honor their contribution we decided to include their stories in a special segment.  Fabio Cresto-Aleina, Carol Ixtabalan and Thomas Lang tell us how they became involved with EntreMundos and why they feel it’s so important to participate in a volunteer program.  As Fabio Cresto-Aleina says,“Sometimes it is important, in my opinion, to just do the things that you think can be useful, that can have an impact. It doesn’t matter what, but to do them without always thinking about the money, or what you can gain from your experiences.” 

Interviews with Young Participants in the Maia Organization

Maia is an organization that “seeks to generate systemic change empowering youth pioneers in Guatemala”.  Maia offers a unique education program which goes beyond academics in order to close a gender equity gap that is one of the worst in the Americas.  According to information published on their website, “only 1% of indigenous women enter university and by the time they turn 18 they are five times more likely to become mothers than to graduate from high school.”  Radio EntreMundos interviewed Marina Ibaté, Yessica Zaput, and Claudia Tax, three participants who shared their perspectives as young indigenous women.  As Claudia says, “It takes preparation for [young women] to choose a leadership position.  However, this is developed through education, since it allows them from an early age to have knowledge about the different situations or social problems that drive them to seek creative solutions, and from an early age to develop critical thinking, not just stay in the stereotypes.”  

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