Firt place of the contest: “Letters to EntreMundos Magazine”

Irma Yolanda Caal Cabnal, Cobán, Alta Verapaz

Dear EntreMundos Magazine:

Receive a cordial greeting, hoping that everything will go in the best way. I introduce myself, my name is Irma Yolanda, a law student, passionate about reading and volunteering in youth networks.

Many years have passed since they decided to create this magazine, during all this time it has been a journalistic motor in our country, which has made freedom of expression respected and which has always dedicated its pages to spaces of culture, youth, women, environment, migration, economy, politics, art, among others …

What greater and more mysterious thing exists in life than the encounter with the unexpected? How can we imagine, above all, what fate will bring us when one day, after the time of this life and this history, we meet again? It was the year 2020 when, almost by chance, I read about an essay contest, which I felt encouraged to participate in. My interest in reading and writing allowed me to know the scope of the magazine and its collaboration with other youth organizations, such as Red Integral por el Desarrollo Regional; which organized an essay contest, through which we were allowed to transmit our thoughts and knowledge, these would have been limited in their scope if it had not been for the help of the Journal.

If you ask me, what do you like most about this magazine? I would say, without a doubt, that its academic and socio-cultural impact. This turns out to be a privileged opportunity to recapitulate what has been achieved, celebrating its twenty years of creation, and position itself in front of the future allowing to continue opening spaces of culture and knowledge.

The articles on migration, have stood out among my favorites, referring to migration in a country like ours is of utmost importance, analyzing the situations by which Guatemalans migrate in greater or lesser quantity, their peculiarities, and the relevance they have for the well-being of households, is not an easy task; migrations can be produced by multiple economic, political-social and demographic changes. Knowing and informing ourselves can create joint efforts aimed at solving the problems that afflict migrants.

For the 20th anniversary of the magazine I wish you to continue with the hard work, which benefits all of us who love reading and wish to inform ourselves of what is happening in the country through its lines, which always contain frankness and evidence of what is happening. May their journalistic work continue to grow and may they continue to achieve triumphs and achievements.

My good wishes at all times.