Hope through Love

By Noé Caal


The association SAKOMBAL POKOM was founded in the year 2000. The Association was founded in 2000. It was created by the American missionaries William and Linda Brierly. They were the ones whom led by the love of God decided to form this organization, and begin with a mission to help and provide assistance to Pokomchi Mayan communities, located in the municipality of San Cristobal Verapaz. Currently the founding missionaries continue in the struggle to eradicate social and health problems in different communities. Now, their role is as international coordinators. In 2010 ASOSAP was handed to pokomchis hands and their indigenous leaders. It was with the help and training from the missionaries that pokomchis are now facilitators and the ones that direct this project.



The community of La Providencia, is located 34 km. away from the main town. It is a dirt road with a population of 8000 inhabitants. It includes five surrounding communities and has worked with them since 2012. The idea was to strengthen the convergence center that is located in the center of the community. This was built 25 years earlier. The Center seeks to prioritize care for pregnant mothers and children, while funds are being sought to improve the building, because over the years the roof, doors and building itself have deteriorated. In 2015 we joined forces with the EntreMundos organization. We applied to their small grants program, and after a few months got up the news that they would support the redevelopment of the center of convergence. Remodeling will be vital as it will continue with the health service to families in a proper and adequate environment, especially for pregnant women and children.



To promote development in rural communities pokomchis who have been abandoned by governmental and nongovernmental organizations. Support them in health and education, so that they achieve a better quality of life without losing the rich culture in which they live. To promote the development of individual actions to facilitate the education of people at all levels.



To improve the convergence center and make patients and their families care safer; to improve the quality of life of health workers and to support the staff’s development. To improve infrastructure and also to strengthen the budget of the institution. To ensure that interventions are carried out in an efficient, safe, hygienic way, and to continue to benefit over 8,000 people in the community.

Because there is no better reward than the one you get when you look at healthy families and happy children through productive lives.