Educate, Health and Justice

By Gabriela Fuentes

Our Story

The Association “Educar, Salud y Justicia” was founded in 2013 thanks to the efforts of two women strongly committed to social development in Guatemala. It later saw the addition of other female multidisciplinary professionals. The organization works to contribute to the education and holistic development of women and girls, providing them with the tools and skills necessary to find dignified work and achieve personal, professional, and economic growth. This progress benefits both participants and their children.

In July, 2014 Educate for Health and Justice officially became a registered Non-Governmental Organization, which strengthened the organization and allowed it to make significant contributions to the development of women and girls through education, counsel, and health and legal services.


We work to provide holistic academic and technical training with an emphasis on gender studies for Guatemalan women and girls, arming them with cutting-edge tools for dignified success in the labor market.


To become an organization nationally recognized as a training and technical education center for women that balances physical, mental, social, and spiritual wellness, where women can grow personally and professionally and where women’s human rights are respected.

Area of focus: Training

The development of work-related skills is extremely important to Educate for Health and Justice. This is why the project created health education programs for women to qualify them as nursing assistants and social workers specializing in human rights, with the goal of creating agents of social and workplace change.

Area of focus: Health

Educate for Health and Justice offers women and girls a self-care program run by specialists. Further, they hold periodic medical and psychological consultations to strengthen the women’s and girls’emotional and physical stability.

Area of focus: Legal advisory

For the holistic development of girls and women, the association gives legal counsel related to civil, penal, and labor laws, and provides support and counsel throughout the process according to the requests of the individual.

Experience of EntreMundos Diploma Programs

As founder of the organization, I have had the opportunity to partake in two diploma programs. The first, in October, 2015, was “Building and Promoting Organizational Sustainability.” This program helped me identify weaknesses in my projects, and above all to find the tools necessary to make them self-sustaining. The second diploma program, in November, 2015, was “Fundraising Strategies, Cooperative Trends, Donor Profiles and Opportunities.” This program allowed me to see beyond what we had already accomplished, and showed me a way to organize my team and begin seeking the funding necessary to run the program and provide education and training for the women of my project.