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By  Message from Entremundos

A new year, new challenges and new intentions.  At EntreMundos we are satisfied with and are saying farewell to 2022 with pleasure, because we are returning to our usual in-person activities.   We counted on you and the circulation of the magazine increased.  We got good results from our “Strengthening Community Tourism Capabilities in the Western Highlands of Guatemala” project.

During 2022 we worked on promoting readings.  During the year we organized reading groups with young men and women from CEIPA (Center for Ecumenical Pastoral Integration), with the group known as Girls Leading and with students from the Western Rural Normal School (ENRO) in Totnicapan.  At our office and venue location we listened to young people’s analyses, opinions, and critiques about a variety of topics including editions of our magazine. 

EntreMundos’ home once again was the site for an event and we returned to face-to-face activities.  In the setting of the Strengthening Community Capabilities held December 7-8, 2022, nineteen participants from various organizations participated in a workshop called Plans for Ways and Means–an opportunity to increase their prominence and to achieve goals.

During the workshop participants learned to develop plans for methodology.  They increased use of social media outlets and became familiar with basic digital marketing concepts to actualize campaigns and projects that help their organizations to reach their targeted audience.

During the past year we visited six participating organizations on-site.  The visits were useful in order to construct a diagnostic study for each individual group.  On the 9th of December the results were presented which will contribute to strengthening organizational skills and community tourism.

EntreMundos’ other exciting achievement was an increase in copy distribution and distribution locations.   In 2022 we increased copies of the magazine from 300 to 1000 bimonthly.  Now, as we continue our distribution in Panajachel, Antigua and Quetzaltenango, the journal is also distributed at the La Teca Library in Guatemala City as well as in San Marcos, Totonicapan and the Municipal Cultural Center in San Juan Ostuncalco.  

We have planned more activities, projects, and programs in 2023.  We count on you to watch for future issues both in print and via our social media sites.                                   

 Success in 2023!