Second place of the contest “Letters to EntreMundos Magazine”

José Erwin Maldonado

Olintepeque, Quetzaltenango


Dear all:

Wishing you the best of days, after learning about the 20th anniversary of Entremundos Magazine, I extend my sincere congratulations for such a noble, dedicated and professional work that you do through this magazine that, in my opinion, is one of the best that circulates in Guatemala.

I am a person belonging to the historical and legal academy, together with several members we carried out analysis of our context as a country, I met the magazine at the beginning of June 2018, we went with my family to the Esquina Asiatica Restaurant, I was able to get the 100th Edition of it, which I found excellent since I had the first reading of it,  from the context and approach of the issues, especially social, community development and local conjunctural analysis, to the issues of ecology and Mayan spirituality. I want to tell you as an anecdote that when I heard about the Documentary that they were going to screen on the sidewalk of “The Republic and bananas, the Revolution and Counterrevolution in Guatemala”, which was made on September 10, 2018, I was precisely analyzing the book “The Bitter Fruit, the CIA in Guatemala” by Stephen Sleshinger, my 8-year-old daughter, at that time, asked me what my book was about and more or less I explained it to her,  I signed up and attended to see the documentary, however my daughter insisted on accompanying me when I told her about the documentary, which I found strange because of her age, and I had a pleasant surprise, that at the end of the documentary and given the intervention to the attendees about what we had seen, my daughter was the first to intervene,  and in his speech he surprised me by saying something like this: “… the film tells us that Guatemala is ruled by people who have a lot of money and do what they want…” the person who is directing the song was amazed and I can tell you that I did not stop feeling between amazed and a little embarrassed.

What I like most about the Magazine is the approach to many of the topics they have from the context of Mayan spirituality and culture, it has seemed very deep and professional how they touch on these topics, since on this it is almost null that they are published.

There are many articles that have been very prominent, actually I would say almost all, but the one I liked the most is a recent one where the case of Rosemary Dionicio is discussed, about receiving education in the mother tongue K’iche’, it seemed not only deep but empathetic, apart from being a topic that as I said that few sectors take it into account. It would be risky to indicate what they can improve, because it is an excellent magazine, so for me everything is fine.

Always wishing you the best, I kindly subscribe.