The same ink from the phrases used to

denigrate other movements seems to be
used for women who raise their voice:
tomboy, bitch, whore. All for the intent
of delegitimizing the world’s various
feminist movements. Which, needless
to say, exist because they are necessary.
I hope someday that it will cease to be
this way; as in the case of the suffrage
movement, the antislavery movement,
and others whose goal was to move
toward a better place. And which, some
way or another, succeeded.
But what about women? If they make
up over half of the population, why are
women still straggling behind, suffering
from female circumcision, forming
the highest percentage of the world’s
impoverished? When will women move
forward without being belittled in their
When one woman suffers, we all suffer.
Nevertheless, the greatest discrimination
is often horizontal (between ourselves),
tripping up one neighbouring
female companion. It’s a matter of
consciousness, I suppose.
To speak of all this, we have decided
to dedicate this edition to women. We
do not dedicate it to men (and there
will be no edition dedicated to men),
because unfortunately, life has always
revolved around the patriarchal, vertical
and phallocentric relationship that has
been imposed upon us. That edition
dedicated to men; it is the daily bread
of every mistreated and abused woman,
who has been physically, emotionally,
and economically tortured. It’s a matter
of consciousness, I suppose. Of course,
here we applaud the equitable attitudes
of the millions of conscientious men who
provide daily support for the struggles of
women through their attitudes. We do
not wish to polarize, nor further divide
a sufficiently fragmented world. We are
simply trying to raise awareness about
a pandemic issue that affects a large
quantity of the inhabitants of this planet:
violence against women.
We also applaud the attitudes of the
collective Xela Female Consciousness,
since they took action to speak on this
issue. The photographs that accompany
this edition (from the cover) are part of
the different works that this collective
has created to send its message. A million
thanks to them; this edition really would
not have been completed without you
and your courage.